Ric McCluskey

United States Congress

Ric McCluskey is running for the 4th Congressional District in Mississippi for the United States Congress. South Mississippi is his home and he intends to represent the great people of this district consistent with the values that they hold dear. He will fight Washington elites and lobbyists to preserve the rights that our United States Constitution grants. He believes in engaging the people of his district by attending town halls, forums, debates, and any other medium to stay in tune with his constituents of this district.

Ric is a United States Marine Veteran that has defended our country and liberty in the battlefield on foreign soil. He has put his own life on the line preserving our freedoms while our elected officials have undermined our founding principles and continuously pass legislation stripping you of your rights and incurring $19 trillion (and counting) in debt. His military experience has prepared him to fight the ultimate fight, defending the people against special interest groups, greedy Washington elites, and crony capitalists.


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Ric at the Libertarian National Convention 2016 in Orlando, FL:

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